happy monday.

by CurledwithCass

Happy Monday!




I know there is nothing happy about Mondays. 

But I just thought I would add a little cheer into this day.  And a bit of a comical image ;)


This past weekend was Father’s Day. 

Happy {belated} Father’s Day for all you dads out there!   

And lucky for us the Big Guy’s dad was here on business. 

So we spent the better of 3 hours trekking down to Colorado Springs in traffic and met up with him at the cutest Mexican restaurant, Amanda’s Fonda.  Yumm!  

I do have to say the Fonda in the name was a little confusing until I read the story behind it on the menu.  “Fonda” in Spanish means a little inn or café.  What a cute name for a restaurant.  For all of you in the area you must try out this place.  I would recommend going there at night.  Sit out on their patio share a pitcher of margaritas with your friends and soak in the scenery.


One of my favorite parts of this weekend was us trying to avoid traffic by taking the back way home.  It was this cute little drive back behind the rolling hills.  We past so many beautiful homes and ranches tucked back in the middle of nowhere.  We spent the better half of the drive picking out houses that we wanted.  What a fun Sunday afternoon with my BG.  (For all of you who do not know, I call my husband ‘Big Guy’.  I cannot tell you why, I just do.)


 And now on to the fun stuff.  I have decided to have a little play on Julie and Julia and cook my way through all of the cookbooks that we received as gifts for our wedding. 

 So tonight, I am going to attempt to make some Chicago Deep Dish Pizza 

 I will post tomorrow on how it goes. 



Wish me luck!


♥ Cass


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