i ♥ pizza

by CurledwithCass

I am not sure if this is normal but I loooove carbs.   

Really any carb, but in particular pizza, pasta and my ALL time favorite bread sticks.    

So last night I decided to try my hand at Chicago’s Deep Dish pizza and yumm.  is all I can say.    

 Please enjoy my adventure and I will add the recipe to my yumm. column :)  


First things first…the yeast.  Oh how sexy I know 


Then a little dough rising action… 


Mushing the homemade {yes you read that correctly} homemade pizza sauce… 


As the famous Deep Dish would have it…toppings first! 


Add the sauce and slip it into the oven…{Hunter & Ella patiently wait 35 minutes}… 


And Yumm. is all I can say 


Hunter is one happy pup 


One Comment to “i ♥ pizza”

  1. FIRST OFF: 1. I want some of that pizza. 2. I totally thought i’d subscribed…and was about to give oyu a hard time for not blogging!! haha DUMB ME! but i am now :O)

    3. I was JUST telling someone today that i want a tshirt that says “I <3 carbs" – i'll get you one too, when I find it!

    Love you!

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